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This page contains the latest materials as used at the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) Mission Aircrew School (MAS).  Your comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. 

Click on a link to view an item.  You may click "open" to view it in your browser, or "save" to save a copy on your computer.  Beware of file sizes--some of the items are quite large.

NESA Mission Aircrew School

Mission Aircrew Reference Text (Revision 1, 2007) (.pdf, 7.2 MB)

Operational Mission Inflight Guide (July 2007) (.pdf, 6.0 MB)

Mission Manager Files.  This is a link to the latest version courtesy Bob Koob and Kentucky Wing. (Excel, 4MB)

MAS Chapter 0 Slides - Course Administration (.ppt, 112 kb)
MAS Chapter 1 Slides - Crewmember Duties and Responsibilities (.ppt, 1 MB)
MAS Chapter 2 Slides - Aircraft Familiarization (.ppt, 5.4 MB)
MAS Chapter 3 Slides - Aircrew Survival (.ppt, 102 kb)
MAS Chapter 4 Slides - Communications (.ppt, 1.3 MB)
MAS Chapter 5 Slides - Scanning Techniques and Sighting Characteristics (.ppt, 17 MB)
MAS Chapter 6 Slides - Weather (.ppt, 1.8 MB)
MAS Chapter 7 Slides - High Altitude and Terrain Considerations (.ppt, 1 MB)
MAS Chapter 8 Slides - Navigation and Position Determination (.ppt, 15 MB)
MAS Chapter 9 Slides - Search Planning and Coverage (.ppt, 9 MB)
MAS Chapter 10 Slides - Electronic Search Patterns (.ppt, 5 MB)
MAS Chapter 11 Slides - Visual Search Patterns and Procedures (.ppt, 1.3 MB)
MAS Chapter 12 Slides - Mission Pilot (.ppt, 6 MB)
MAS Chapter 13 Slides - Step Through A Typical Mission (.ppt, 3.5 MB)
MAS Chapter 14 Slides - Crew Resource Management (.ppt, 400 kb)

MAS CRM (.ppt, 2 MB)
MAS Falconview for CAP (.ppt, 100 kb)
MAS Flightline Instructions (.ppt, 20  kb)
MAS Morning Briefing (.ppt, 1.5 MB)

MAS Syllabus Flight #1 - Scanner (.pdf, 100 kb)
MAS Syllabus Flight #2 - Route Search (.pdf, 100 kb)
MAS Syllabus Flight #3 - Parallel Line (Grid) Search (.pdf, 100 kb)
MAS Syllabus Flight #4 - Creeping Line Search (.pdf, 100 kb)
MAS Syllabus Flight #5 - Expanding Square (.pdf, 100 kb)
MAS Syllabus Flight #6 - ELT Electronic Search (.pdf, 100 kb)
MAS Flight Specific Target Sheet (Area A) (.pdf, 100 kb)

MAS Practice Areas Overview (.pdf, 5 MB)
MAS Practice Areas North (.pdf, 3 MB)
MAS Practice Areas South (.pdf, 3 MB)
Columbus, IN Airport Diagram (.pdf, 100 kb)

NESA Aircrew Instructor Course (AIC)
Administration & Graduation Requirements (.ppt)
AIC Schedule (draft)
Fundamentals of Instructing (.ppt)
How to Conduct a Mission Aircrew School (.ppt)
Sample Research Proposal (.doc)
Academic Papers
    Third Generation ELTs
    Volunteer Aircrew Training Methods (.pdf)
    Search Planning Guidance for Use in General Aviation Missing Aircraft Searches in the Continental United States (.pdf)
National Check Pilot School (which will follow the KY Wing Example)



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