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The "new" grid system is now called the CELL grid system.   Counter Narcotics and Counter Drug (CN/CD) operations function solely on the Cell grid system, while the Conventional grid system may or may not be in use by your wing for Seach and Rescue and/or Disaster Relief (SAR/DR) operations.  You can find out more about the Cell grid system by downloading The Cell Grid System as explained by Col Gene Kellogg, CAP.   This easily-understood one-page sheet is invaluable to those who are using the Cell grid system.  You can view a graphic version of the Cell grid system handout below.





The basic premise of the Cell Grid system is to establish a major point of reference and then divide areas into manageable chunks using a standardized method.  A grid is identified by a whole latitude-longitude coordinate pair.  This pair is at the southeast corner of  the area of interest.  Each area is then further divided up into "A" through "D" as referenced below. 



The advantage of the Cell grid system is that very little preparation needs to be made prior to use.  When given a set of coordinates, one does not need a grid



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