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Cadet Corner


  • The CAP Encampment Resource page by fellow Spaatzen Andrew J. Welsh.   Gee, an entire resource website focusing on one aspect of CAP: WHAT A GREAT IDEA!







  • The Basic Cadet (Phase I) Program for new Civil Air Patrol cadets, authored by Captain Mark A. Malan, CAP.   Mark is a fellow Spaatz cadet and Academy graduate.   He now flies Fairchild OA-10s out of Osan Air Base, Korea.   He put together this program a short while ago and I thought it fitting to pass it on to as many people as possible.   This group of files includes checklists, sample bookstore order forms for the new cadet, study guides, and classroom presentations.   It is a great package.   (MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel Format, 238 KB)

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